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What Are Your Prices

What form of identification do I need to bring?

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You will need a valid state id, driver's license, passport or Military id. Outdated or a copy of identification are not acceptable proof of identification.

Can I sign the document outside of the presence of a notary?

Who has to be present?

The person who is making the statement before the notary.

Legal Advice

Notaries can prepare legal documents as well as notarize those documents; however, we are unable to give any legal advice.

No, any document that requires notarization please wait until you are in the notary's presence before signing.

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Do You Provide Witnesses

No, the Notary will not provide witnesses. If your document requires witnesses, you will need to provide witnesses.

Can a Title of a vehicle be signed without notarization?

R.S. 32:705 
"(1) The signature of the seller in the presence of a notary who shall subscribe his name thereon.
(2) The signature of the seller in the presence of two witnesses who shall subscribe their names thereon, which signature shall be acknowledged by a subscribing witness".

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