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Prepare Documents Service

Save Money & Time 

Let us Prepare Legal Documents For You 

We offer the ability to prepare documents:

  • Mandates also are known as Power of attorney

  • Acts of sale on immovable property or movable 

  • Acts of donation on immovable property or movable and more.


Let us help with the paperwork, so you can maximize 

 Your money and time!


Prepare Legal Documents Online In 2021

Simple Drafted Documents

Have a simple document and would like help? We will draft at an affordable rate for you!

  • Affidavits: Simple, Residency, Translation, and Travel consent 

  • Verification Forms for

  • Acknowledgments

  • Bill of Sale 


We assist businesses or individuals in drafting of Documentation for homes or businesses at a reasonable cost:

  • Act of Sale on Immovable 

  • Act of Donation on Immovable 

  • Residential and Commercial Leases,

  • Lease Oil and Gas

  • Mineral Rights Leases

  • Insurance Documents


Vehicle Transaction 

Trailer, Cars, Trucks, Boats, We Have You Covered - We will draft the documents 

  • Bill of Sale

  • Act of Donation

  • Vehicle Mandate

  • Affidavit of Correction 

Power of Attorney

We can draft a variety of Power of Attorneys for you at a low cost. 

  • Medical Power of Attorney aka Mandate 

  • General Power of Attorney Provisional Care of a minor

  • Specific Power of Attorney

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